Presentation Skills Training Coach in New York City, NY


If you need help finding the pivot of your artistic core, I can help you discover and use your communicative creativity.


If you have a presentation to deliver, and want to impress others, I can help you engage your audience with confidence and ease.



If you need help to deliver your ideas, give life to your thoughts, I can help you discover your ways of expressing them.



Together we will develop your techniques on how to be more expressive, energetic, calm your nerves and stay on track. 


Applications & Benefits:

GAIN self-awareness while preparing for upcoming presentations.

FIND the source of your personal creativity and how to engage your powers in various professional appearances.

ACHIEVE greater internal and external physical connections, expressiveness, flow and gain confidence.

MASTER the pleasure of leading and influencing others through thoughts, words and gestures.

ENJOY expressing yourself while maintaining powerful connection with self and others.


CLEAR EXPRESSIONS, my proprietary communication technique, is based on my diverse background, combining years of experience in acting, staging, teaching, NLP, and coaching. I utilize tools from different fields and fuse them into a customized curriculum, based on the client’s level and goals.


My expertise is working with professionals where English is their second language and with professionals who are new to NYC and need to adapt and make adjustments in order to communicate with confidence.


Gina was not only extremely helpful to me but working with her was such a pleasure. I had to prepare for a public speaking engagement and she helped me speak with self confidence and accuracy. She corrected my body language, my intonation and guided me through my preparation process. I learned how to be aware of my public appearance and how to engage the audience.


VENERA ZEIGLER Esq. Manhattan , NY

Gina helped me gain more confidence with technical presentations to rooms with 50+ attendees. I now have tools I employ each time to great success. A few of my colleagues have remarked on my improved speaking skills.


ROBERT BOYD, Ph.D., Board Certified Medical Physicist

I had to give a speech and I was dreading it. Public speaking is not my comfortable place, but Gina changed all of that. She worked with me and her process was so comfortable that I was ready before I even realized it. While giving the speech, it was as if Gina was there guiding me toward success. I could not have done it without her.


GERARD WHITE, Esq. Attorney at Law, Rego Park, NY

I have always felt overwhelmed speaking in public. Delivering an oral argument in a court room was especially difficult for me. Gina helped me change that. She is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. She tailored her program to provide me with exactly what I needed. She is also extremely personable and friendly! Going through her 5-step program boosted my confidence exponentially and now I feel much more confident speaking in public and delivering arguments in front of a judge, without feeling overwhelmed.


TODOR H. HINOV, Esq. Washington, DC

Gina is brilliant and so passionate in her techniques - she picks up on your body language, posture, voice variety. She pushes you to try different awareness approaches to enhance your inner self. She is motivating, and has helped me feel more confident especially during public speaking. I feel great and energized.


ANA LAPI, Senior Manager of Operations, Flushing, NY

Gina is my go-to person for keeping the pulse of my creative projects. Her experience in the arts helps me stay focused and challenged to give my best.


RADA ANGELOVA, singer/songwriter and Broadway musical agent, NYC

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